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What Is PhoneSheriff?

Are you worried about what your employees or children are doing on their tablets or mobile phones? Would you like to be able to block certain phone numbers from calls and text messages? How about set custom restrictions on times and even block certain apps? Would you like to look over text messages and get custom activity alerts? What if you could have access to live location and lock commands?

PhoneSheriff is designed for two main categories of users: business users and parents.

If you’re a parent, and you want to set restrictions on your children’s tablets or smartphones in order to stop them from communicating with certain people – then PhoneSheriff is a good choice for you. If you want to see their GPS location data or who they’re texting, then you’re not going to find better software than PhoneSheriff. What if you could protect your children from dangerous tablet or smartphone activity? Wouldn’t you want to do it?

What about if employee monitoring? If you need to control what times of day your employees can use their tablets or smartphones, then you have to get PhoneSheriff to keep them in line. If you want to know what apps they have on their portable devices, then you need PhoneSheriff. PhoneSheriff can protect your company from exposed company secrets and low productivity.

If you’re looking for serious software to monitor your children or employees, you won’t find better software than PhoneSheriff. You’ll be able to easily control every single detail of your children’s or employee’s phone activity.

What Kinds Of Features Does PhoneSheriff Have?

  • Block any phone number from texts or calls
  • Set up time-based restrictions
  • Record all the text messages
  • Record call duration and information
  • GPS tracking
  • Photo and contact logging
  • Data wipe and remote logging
  • Check logs online from anywhere you are in the world, on any computer, or even check on a mobile device
  • Block certain apps, websites, or numbers

Why Should You Trust PhoneSheriff?

TOLL-FREE PHONE SUPPORT: PhoneSheriff stands behind its software totally. They offer live customer support to answer any concerns that you might have. If you need any assistance with the software, just give them a call and talk to a U.S.-based customer support representative.

SECURE ONLINE CONTROL PANEL: There are some other monitoring programs that leave your sensitive data open to third parties without any regard for your need of security. PhoneSheriff has an Online Control Panel, and it is a completely secure one, too. You shouldn’t trust your sensitive data to any system that is not secure.

TRUST A COMPANY FOUNDED MORE THAN TEN YEARS AGO: PhoneSheriff is a U.S.-based company, and it was set up in 2003. When you buy from an established firm that has been making monitoring software for such a long time, you can be certain that you’ll get professional-grade service and software. The company is also accredited by the BBB.

NO HIDDEN TEXT FORWARDING COSTS: Some other smartphone tracking software programs use SMS forwarding for sending the logs. This leaves the tracks in the sent box of the phone, and it also causes the phone to be billed a second time for each message. PhoneSheriff has a system that uploads the data with GPRS without hidden fees or traces.

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